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TODAY: Professor Richard Batchelor, immunologist, 66; Lord Blaker, former government minister, 75; Sir Neville Bowman-Shaw, chairman, Boss Trucks Ltd, 67; Miss Jackie Collins, novelist, 60; Sir Terence Conran, chairman, The Conran Shop, 66; Air Chief Marshal Sir Kenneth Cross, 86; Mr Basil D'Oliveira, cricketer, 66; Dr F. Dudley Hart, rheumatologist, 88; Mr Charlton Heston, actor, 73; Sir John Hogg, former deputy chairman, Williams and Glyn's Bank, 85; Mr Frank Keating, journalist, 60; Mr John McFall MP, a Lord Commissioner, 53; Mr Tony Meo, snooker champion, 38; Sir Hector Monro, former MP, 75; Dr Gareth Owen, former Vice- Chancellor, University of Wales, 74; Mr Giles Radice MP, 61; Miss Anneka Rice, television presenter, 39; Mr John Rutherford, rugby player, 42; Miss Susan Sarandon, actress, 51; The Right Rev Dr Richard Say, former Bishop of Rochester, 83; Mr Marcus Setchell, Surgeon- Gynaecologist to the Queen, 54; Sir Gervase Sheldon, former High Court judge, 84; Miss Ann Widdecombe MP, 50.

TOMORROW: Sir Raymond Appleyard, biologist, 75; Mr Robin Bailey, actor, 78; Mr John Bridgeman, Director-General of Fair Trading, 53; Mr Alastair Chisholm of Chisholm, chief of the Clan Chisholm, 77; Mr Ray Clemence, footballer, 49; Miss Stephanie Cole, actress, 56; The Most Rev Joseph Cunnane, former Roman Catholic Archbishop of Tuam, 84; Miss Laura Davies, golfer, 34; Sir John Dent, former Chairman, Civil Aviation Authority, 74; Mr Bob Geldof, musician, 43; The Right Rev Robert Hardy, Bishop of Lincoln, 61; Mr Vaclav Havel, President of the Czech Republic, 61; Lord Holderness, former government minister, 77; Miss Glynis Johns, actress, 74; Mr Robert Kee, author and broadcaster, 78; Miss Barbara Kelly, actress and broadcaster, 73; Mr Herbert Kretzmer, journalist and lyricist, 72; Mrs Kate Losinka, former trade union leader, 73; Mr David Mellor, silversmith and designer, 67; Sir Edward Peck, former British ambassador to Nato, 82; Sir Douglas Ranger, otolaryngologist, 81; Mr Adrian Sindall, ambassador to Syria, 60; Sir Richard Thompson Bt, former MP and director of British Museum Publications, 85.