Geoffrey Wheeler

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In the obituary of Geoffrey Wheeler (2 January) you mention that in 1981 Winner Takes All, the multi-choice quiz that he devised, "awarded the biggest cash prize ever on a British game show, £6,220, a record it held for a further 12 years", writes Michael Dixon. This was the record until 1986, when I had the privilege of setting a new record of £7,455 on the same show. This remained the record for 12 years until a change in the law removed the restrictions on the amount that could be won. In November 1998 Who Wants To be A Millionaire saw to it that this record was obliterated.

As one of the thousands of young quizzers inspired by watching Wheeler ask the questions on Top Of The Form it was a pleasure to meet him at Yorkshire TV studios after breaking the record in 1986. He was very much the gentleman, quietly spoken and friendly yet authoritative. The world needs more of his ilk.