James Lawrence

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James Lawrence was a young man with much promise, multi-talented, popular and apparently on the doorstep of fame, writes Professor Koulis Pericleous [further to the obituary by Nick Hasted, 17 January].

What is not so widely known was Jimmi's academic prowess as a researcher. He was six months away from completing his doctorate studies at the University of Greenwich, researching the causes for defects in the casting of metal-alloy components. He used complex mathematical techniques to describe the entrainment of air into liquid metal as it is poured into a mould and subsequently the formation of bubbles and porosity, weakening the final product. Quietly spoken, polite, Jimmi greatly enjoyed his work, both the theoretical side and even more so the practical experiments.

His room-mates, drinking friends and supervisors were all secretly proud of him - having a rock star in the team.