Marie Osborne Yeats

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Marie Osborne Yeats, who died on 11 November six days after her 99th birthday, was a silent-film child star who was known as Baby Marie Osborne in films such as Little Mary Sunshine.

The director Henry King needed a child for his 1915 movie The Maid of The Wind, and found the three-year-old Osborne. The following year he launched her to stardom with Little Mary Sunshine, the first in a series of Baby Marie Osborne films that captivated audiences worldwide and led to Baby Marie dolls and paper dolls. Her film career ended after the 1919 comedy Miss Gingersnap.

In the 1930s and 1940s she occasionally worked as a stand-in for actresses such as Ginger Rogers, Deanna Durbin and Betty Hutton. In the 1950s she took a job as a costume supervisor and worked on films like Spartacus, The Way We Were and Mame. She also supervised Elizabeth Taylor's wardrobe in Cleopatra.

Born Denver, Colorado 5 November 1911; died San Clemente, California 11 November 2010.