Obits in Brief: Connie Hines

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The actress Connie Hines, who died on 25 December aged 78, was best known for her role in the 1960s television show about a talking horse, Mister Ed. Hines played Carol, the wife of Wilbur, played by Alan Young. Often dismissive of what was a limited role - her biggest line was "lunch is ready!" - she wrote a section about her career in Young's 2007 book Mister Ed and Me and More.

Born in Massachusetts, Hines also appeared in the 1960 film Thunder in Carolina and other TV shows including The Millionaire, Johnny Ringo and Riverboat. In 1996 she reunited with Young on stage for the two-hander Love Letters.

Hines was married twice, the last time to Lee Savin, an entertainment lawyer and producer. They retired in 1989 to Dana Point, California, where Hines hosted a local cable access show about animals, interviewing veterinarians and animal behaviourists and offering animals for adoption.