Obits in Brief: Tony Halme

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Tony Halme, who died on 8 January aged 47, was a professional wrestler and boxer who went into politics in Finland.

Halme wrestled under the name Ludvig Borga, boxed and worked as a bodyguard in the United States before moving back to Finland, where he won the national heavyweight boxing title. After retiring from the ring he joined the Ultimate Fighting Championship circuit, then served in Finnish parliament from 2003-2007 for the small, radical True Finns Party.

He suggested some radical policies during his time in parliament, such as sending convicted drug dealers to Russian jails to save on costs. In 2004, a court gave him a suspended sentence for firearms and drugs violations after he fired a gun at home while his wife was there.

Halme was found in his apartment in Helsinki with gunshot wounds; police concluded that he had killed himself.