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Vicente Parra, actor, died Madrid 2 March, aged 66. Films include Donde vas Alfonso XXII? ("Where Are You Going, Alfonso XXII?", 1956), Varietes ("Varieties", 1970) and Tranvia a la Malvarrosa ("Tramway from Malvarrosa"), due to be released next month.

Stanislaw Shatalin, economist, died Moscow 3 March, aged 62. Co-author in 1990, for Mikhail Gorbachev, of the "500-days plan", a radical strategy to transform the Soviet Union's centralised economy into a market- oriented system. The plan was scrapped under pressure from Communist hard-liners.

Judi Bari, environmental campaigner, died Willits, California 2 March, aged 47. Leader of Earth First!, a radical US environmental group.