Obituary: Brigadier Michael Harbottle

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May I make one important correction to Linda Melvern's intelligent obituary on Michael Harbottle [14 May], writes Eirwen Harbottle?

The historic statement signed by 62 retired generals, admirals and air marshals from 16 countries, calling for the elimination of nuclear weapons, was the initiative of the retired United States Senator Alan Cranston, Chair of the State of the World Forum and of the Gorbachev Foundation (US). He invited my husband to be a member of his drafting team, together with General Lee Butler (US) and General Belous (Russia). It was launched in the US on 5 December 1996 and in London the following day under the chairmanship of Lord Carver. The Centre for International Peacebuilding played a facilitating role rather than an initiating one.