Peter Orton

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I had the privilege of working with and for Peter Orton for many years, as the producer on most of the films and the director of Kipper, Percy the Park Keeper, Sheeep and Angelina Ballerina, writes Ginger Gibbons [further to the obituary by Anthony Hayward, 12 December]. They were all made by my small independent 2D animation company GSCF (Grand Slamm Children's Films), located just around the corner from HiT's London office. Percy the Park Keeper and Kipper are drawn 2D animation and were not, as stated, made by HiT at its 3D model studio, HOT. They were made for HiT by Grand Slamm.

Peter Orton was a great advocate for and supporter of high-quality, hand-drawn animated films. His drive and vision will be greatly missed by an industry struggling against ever smaller budgets and declining broadcast opportunities. Who else but Peter could or would have been so instrumental in making the classic series of nine half-hour films of The Tales of Beatrix Potter at a budget of approximately 9m? This was at least 12 years ago and we would all struggle to raise even half of this budget now. Peter made children's films his business, but he did it by respecting us as film-makers and for that we should all be grateful.