Offers flood in for Cardinal's anti-abortion appeal

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The Catholic church in Scotland was yesterday flooded with calls pledging money after Cardinal Thomas Winning's offer at the weekend of practical and financial help for any woman who might otherwise have an abortion.

The Cardinal revealed on Sunday that one man had pledged pounds 50,000 and a woman had promised a substantial gift when she sold her house. Offers of help continued yesterday and the Archdiocesan Office also received calls from pregnant women wanting more information. Father Noel Barry said one woman had called him at 3am asking for help.

"We have had a steady stream of calls promising to help but until the cheques arrive we will have no idea how much people are wanting to donate," he said. The money will probably be added to the diocese's pro-life fund which receives annual donations of around pounds 40,000 but Father Barry said they would have to look carefully at how to distribute the money.