Oh, the torture of being a man . . .: Are men really as bad as some women make them out to be? David Cohen asks seven of his gender what aspects of their maleness they most dislike. Kiss a man? To me this is insulting]

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25, WBO World Middleweight Champion, is married with two children.

I'M a man. I'm a man's man. It's instinctive. Like day is light, this is how I'm a man. I don't dislike anything about being a man. I accept my body and the way that I am. I like being decisive. I like having control. The thought of being a woman makes me cringe. I admire their beauty and I appreciate them - be they fat, ugly, grotesque or beautiful. But I thank God that I am a man. I love being a man.

As for other men, well, I don't like . . . bad men. Bad men are no good. A bad man is an evil-doer, a wrongdoer, a culprit, a scallywag, a lag, a villain. Men bore me. They're always trying to compete with me, but they can't because I am the competition, I set the standards. And not just in boxing. When men shake my hand, they look me up and down, they size me up, they try to squeeze. I say: 'Don't size me, don't compare yourself. I am better than you. I am the man. I am the competition. I set the standards. I am a don in my own right.'

I am a boxer so I understand the violent ways of men. But that doesn't mean I like hurting people. I don't like boxing. I do it because it's the only way I can earn decent money. Money is freedom in this society. I am a wise man. I have come full circle - I understand life, society, the human process. I'm a good man. I like me. Housework? I don't have time for it. The house belongs to the woman - domestically she is king. I'm out there hunting.

As a boy I got suspended and then expelled from school for fighting. I couldn't accept other people's rules. Would my youth have been different if I had been a girl? If you fight you get suspended, and if you keep on fighting you get expelled - boy or girl. So it probably made no difference.

Anything I want, I do. What] You ask if I have an urge to kiss another man? You must not speak of such things] This is backward] This is wrong] This is insulting to me] This interview is about to be terminated and you're going to leave if you persist with this. You can't talk to a man like myself about these things. Remember that you're talking to a man in every sense of the word. On the subject of relationships, I like fat women, skinny women, small women, tall women, ugly women, grotesque women, beautiful women. I love women. I am a man.

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