Old Labour ultra-loyalist dies at 18

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FOR NEARLY 18 years he was the political companion to the former labour leader Michael Foot but now Dizzy, his faithful Tibetan terrier, has died.

Dizzy, named after Mr Foot's political hero Benjamin Disraeli, was a familiar addition to the Foot ensemble at many of the political rallies and demonstrations which Mr Foot attended and addressed.

And when not at crucial left-wing meetings, Dizzy and his master were an essential part of Hampstead Heath in north London where the two would brave the elements religiously whatever the weather.

Mr Foot's wife, Jill Craigie, said yesterday that Dizzy died last Thursday after a short illness. She said: "We're very sad. But he was 18 and had all the ailments of old age. He was deaf, had kidney failure, diabetes and arthritis. His quality of life was gone and the vet took him away."

She added: "He was a very political dog. He loved demos and used to tug at the lead as soon as he saw a platform, then drag Michael up on to the stage. He went on all the Aldermaston CND rallies."

In later years the pair were confined to their early morning constitutional.

"Michael had an hour's walk with him every day," she added. "But I think they will be a little shorter in future. It's not the same without a dog. I think we're a bit old to get another one - a puppy would outlive us."