Olympic Corruption: A Global Scandal

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Other inquiries into Salt Lake City have been launched by:

THE FBI: The US Justice Department and FBI are investigating whether bribery, fraud or public corruption laws were broken by the Salt Lake City Organising Committee (SLOC), which bid for the 2002 Winter Games. SLOC's president, Frank Joklik, resigned on 8 January, along with a vice- president.

US OLYMPIC COMMITTEE: Former Senator George Mitchell is to head a five- member investigating commission to look into bribery and corruption allegations.

SALT LAKE ORGANISING COMMITTEE: An ethics commission appointed by SLOC to look at the cash, scholarships and gifts which went to IOC members.

UTAH ATTORNEY GENERAL: Will examine potential violation of Utah criminal laws.

The IOC will now also investigate:

SYDNEY: The night before Sydney won the 2000 Games by two votes over Peking, the Australian Olympic Committee head offered two members of the IOC $70,000 (pounds 42,500).

LILLEHAMMER: A visit by two Mexican IOC members had cost about 150,000 Norwegian crowns (pounds 12,500). The son of one IOC member got 400,000 crowns for drawing the mascots for the 1994 Games.

NAGANO: Expenses records of the bidding committee for the 1998 Winter Games have been intentionally destroyed. Officials said "astronomical" bribes worth $22,000 (pounds 14,000) per IOC member had been paid.