Olympic Corruption: The Olympians charged with betraying their oath

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IOC MEMBERS who have resigned, been recommended for expulsion, are still under investigation or have been issued with a warning in connection with the Salt Lake City bid committee (SLOC) bribery inquiry:


Bashir Mohamed

Attarabulsi, 61, Libya.

Allegation: Attarabulsi's son said to have received tuition at Utah schools plus $700 a month expenses from the Salt Lake bid and organising committees.

CV: IOC member since 1977. Former vice-president, Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa.

Pirjo Haeggman, 47, Finland.

Allegation: Haeggman's ex-husband reportedly worked for Salt Lake bid committee.

CV: IOC member since 1981. Middle-distance runner in 1972, 1976 and 1980 Olympics.

David Sikhulumi Sibandze, 66, Swaziland.

Allegation: Sibandze's son given job with the Salt Lake City economic development office after receiving a degree from Utah University.

CV: IOC member since 1984. Former executive committee member, Association of National Olympic Committees and the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa.



Agustin Arroyo, 75, Ecuador.

Allegation: SLOC records showed he received financial support for living expenses of $19,000 from 1992-95 and that he accepted travel expenses for multiple visits to Salt Lake City.

CV: IOC member since 1968.

Jean-Claude Ganga, 64, Republic of Congo.

Allegation: Commission found he accepted "substantial" direct payments, free medical care for himself and his family, gifts and "excessive travel subsidies from SLOC". The payments and gifts amounted to $216,010.

CV: IOC member since 1986. President, Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa.

Zein Abdin Ahmed Abdel Gadir, 58, Sudan.

Allegation: Accepted payments from SLOC "for benefit of himself and his son" of about $25,000. He said he was facing economic hardship.

CV: IOC member 1983-87 and again since 1990.

Lamine Keita, 65, Mali.

Allegation: "Permitted" SLOC to make payments of more than $97,000 from 1993-97 to support his son at Utah University. Keita said he was not responsible for 26-year-old son.

CV: IOC member since 1977.

Charles Mukora, 64, Kenya.

Allegation: Found to have accepted payments of $34,650.CV: IOC member since 1990.

Sergio Santander, 72, Chile.

Allegation: Tom Welch, head of SLOC, allegedly paid $10,000 to his campaign for Santiago mayor.

CV: IOC member since 1992.



Kim Un-Yong, 67, South Korea.

Allegation: Kim, highest-ranking IOC member known to be implicated in the scandal, asked to explain help he gave colleague Vitaly Smirnov in getting US college enrolment for aRussian woman. Commission concluded further "factual investigation" needed.

CV: IOC member since 1986.Vice-president and member, IOC executive board.

Louis Guirandou-N'Diaye, 75, Ivory Coast.

Allegation: Conflicting information about acceptance of a $5,000 cheque; further investigation needed.

CV: IOC member since 1969.

Vitaly Smirnov, 63, Russia.

Allegation: Asked to explain request for free medical treatment for former Soviet hockey star and receipt of a Browning rifle from Salt Lake bidders. Further investigation needed.

CV: IOC member since 1971. President, Russian Olympic Committee.


Anton Geesink, 64,

The Netherlands.

Allegation: Said to have accepted $5,000 from Mr Welch. He said gift was unsolicited and for charitable foundation.

CV: IOC member since 1987.Member, IOC evaluation commission for 2002 Winter Games.