Omagh bomb: 29 years of bombing: too many deaths

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December 1969

Fifteen people are killed in a bomb attack by militant Protestant UVF in McGurk's bar in Belfast.

July 1972

Eleven people are killed and 130 injured when IRA sets off 26 bombs in "Bloody Friday" killings in Belfast. Nine people die in an IRA explosion at a customs post near Newry, Co Down. In this month alone, 96 people are killed.

February 1974

Coach carrying soldiers and families is bombed on the M62. Twelve people are killed and 14 are hurt.

October-November 1974

IRA bombs two British pubs, killing 30 people and wounding more than 200. Many of the people convicted were acquitted almost two decades later.


Republicans kill 10 Protestants in a bombing.

February 1978

Twelve people killed and more than 30 wounded by IRA fireball bomb at La Mon House Hotel, near Comber, Northern Ireland.

August 1979

Eighteen soldiers killed when IRA bombs their vehicle in coastal resort of Warrenpoint.

July 1982

Two bomb attacks on soldiers in London's royal parks kill 11 people and wound 50.

December 1982

INLA, an IRA off-shoot, bombs a nightclub killing 17 people.

February 1985

Nine police officers are killed when IRA mortar bombs a border-town police station.

November 1987

Eleven killed and 63 wounded when IRA bombs Remembrance Day service in Enniskillen, near Irish border.

September 1989

Bomb at Royal Marines Music School in Deal, south-east England, kills 11 and wounds 22.

January 1992

Eight Protestant workers killed by IRA bomb at NI army base.

October 1993

IRA bombs busy street in Protestant part of Belfast, killing 10. Protestant extremists kill seven Halloween revellers in revenge.