Omagh bomb: 'This is an attack on democracy'

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"I was shocked to hear of the appalling crime in Omagh which resulted in so many deaths and injuries. Please pass my heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved, injured and those others who have suffered in their distress."

The Queen

"I renew my pledge to stand with the people of Northern Ireland against the perpetrators of violence; they will find no friends here. On behalf of the American people, I condemn this butchery."

US President Bill Clinton

"You cannot help but feel utter contempt for such a cowardly act." John Prescott

"This is an attack on democracy, a cruel denial of the clearly-expressed wish for peace of the overwhelming majority of the Irish people." Irish Premier Bertie Ahern

"There was a massive explosion, flash and smoke, debris flying into the air. I ran to the area ... it was a scene of absolute devastation." An anonymous witness

"Families are distraught because they don't even know whether they've anybody here or not. They're taking as many as they can to other hospitals and the mortuary unfortunately will be very busy." Father John Ryder

"To say the bomb was in one end of town and to put it in another end where people were being brought - that is totally un-understandable." Rev Canon John Hay

"I've just met a man who has lost his wife and he's worried about his two children, who were with her. It's terrible human beings could do this to each other."

SDLP assembly member Joe Byrne