Omagh Bombing: Police to hunt for bombers together

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POLICE FROM north and south of the border will join forces in the hunt to catch the terrorists who planted the 500lb bomb, it was announced yesterday.

Ronnie Flanagan, the Chief Constable of the Royal Ulster Constabulary, and Patrick Byrne, Commissioner of the Irish Garda, will meet today and later report to the British and Irish governments.

It was also being suggested that new measures may be taken to step up security on the border and Mr Flanagan said a special task force would be set up to investigate the atrocity.

The announcement of the joint action came as it was disclosed that the car used to transport the Omagh bomb was stolen in the Irish Republic last Thursday. Police said the maroon Vauxhall Cavalier was parked near the bottom of Market Street in Omagh, close to the junction with Dublin Road. The call made by the terrorists had said the car was at the top end of High Street near the town's Court house, several hundred yards away.

The Prime Minister, Tony Blair, said after his meeting with the Irish Prime Minster, Bertie Ahern, last night: "We have agreed that the two governments will do everything possible in their power to hunt down those responsible."