One foot on the accelerator lands Victor in court

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Victor Meldrew may have one foot in the grave, but Richard Wilson, the actor who plays him, had managed to put the other one down hard on the pedal - and found himself with both feet in the dock, charged with speeding. He then proceeded to insert another foot into his mouth.

Bicester magistrates were taken aback last month, when a defendant called Iain Carmichael Wilson appeared before them, and turned out to be the star of the sitcom, One Foot in the Grave. But unlike the relentlessly ill-tempered pensioner, Wilson was reported to be "super".

"He was not at all like Victor Meldrew," beamed a court official. "But he did dress like him. He had a tweed suit on and a flat cap. He was laughing and joking with everyone in the waiting room, and said: 'Here I am joking with you and I am for the chop.' He was super. Superb."

The 61-year-old actor was fined pounds 140 and banned for a fortnight, having been caught driving his Mercedes at 101mph on the M40 in Oxfordshire. He admitted the offence, and thought he had escaped without publicity.

"How did you find out? I thought no one knew," the actor told local reporters last week. "Yes, I was driving at a 101mph. I was in a rush - I was late for a meeting. But I have learned my lesson. I shall drive at 28mph on the motorway from now on."

Wrong lesson. The police say that should he be spotted doing such a low speed for no good reason, "he would certainly be stopped and charged with careless or dangerous driving".