One in five infertile people contemplates suicide

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One in five infertile men and women has contemplated suicide whilst waiting for or undergoing treatment which could give them a baby, according to a survey.

Depression, isolation and frustration affect more than nine out of 10 people, said the National Infertility Awareness Campaign, which surveyed nearly 1000 people. One in three said their relationship with their partner had weakened as a result of their failure to conceive.

Adding to the pressure of trying to have a baby was the fact that 75 per cent of the respondents had to pay for some or all of the treatment they received, NIAC said. Almost three-quarters had already spent between pounds 1,000 and pounds 4,000 on treatment and in some areas this exceeded pounds 12,000.

"Although infertility is recognised by the World Health Organisation as a medical condition, very few people are aware that it causes emotional distress and depression, like other illnesses." said NIAC president Clare Brown.