Orkney seafood too hot to handle

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AS THE heat wave that covered much of Britain drew to a close yesterday, diners wanting to enjoy shellfish on the Orkneys became the latest victims of last week's high temperatures.

Officials on the Scottish islands advised that scallops, mussels and razor clams should not be gathered or eaten because the hot, sunny weather had spawned toxic algae blooms in Scapa Flow and other waters. The naturally- occurring blue-green algae, which blossoms in the sunlight and polluted conditions, gives off a poisonous toxin which can be dangerous to humans.

Meanwhile, forecasters at London weather centre said the balmy summer temperatures of last week were at an end. The south and east might even suffer some thundery showers today or tomorrow as conditions change and the high pressure area that kept skies clear slides away to the south- west.

However, the picture for the rest of the week over England and Wales appears a little brighter with sunny intervals and some cloud expected, accompanied by temperatures in the low 20s Celsius.

In comparison to the high temperatures of last week, it will feel cooler, although weathermen said it would be much more in keeping with the norm for early July. Wimbledon may escape rain for the week.

Scotland and Northern Ireland are more likely to have rain, with sunny intervals for much of the week.

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