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Aged 20, 6ft 2in, about 13st 7lb.

Diet: A lot of soup and toast. Pasta and tuna mayonnaise. Sometimes bolognese and vegetables.

Drinking: Not a lot compared to other students. No bingeing but likes to get "merry".

Smoking: No.

Exercise: Rows twice a week and goes to the gym three or four times a week.

"My diet's not too bad - I don't do kebabs much. I think my drinking is under control. I know a lot of people through the sports clubs, and most people do sport for the social and enjoyment side of it, rather than to get fit."


Aged 19, 5ft 10in, about 9st.

Diet: Tries to eat healthily and likes fruit and salads. Has "a Pringle addiction" and loves savoury foods and ice-cream. Usually has a sandwich for lunch and pasta and salad for dinner. Sometimes fast food, but not very often.

Drinking: Likes wine and beer, but doesn't feel that she overdoes it very often.

Smoking: No.

Exercise: Plans to take exercise, and goes swimming sometimes. She hopes to do aerobics with her mum when she goes home for Christmas.

"I do worry that I don't eat properly. When I go home I'm going to try and learn to cook. As for drink, I'm never going to touch vodka again after last Friday night. I had a dreadful hangover.

"I like my food, and I've never starved and binged. If my friends have eating disorders, I try and bash some sense into them."


Aged 19, 5ft 11in, 11st 71b. Diet: Usually McDonald's or Burger King or fried food (at part-time job in a bar). Drinking: At least one or two pints every night at work. No getting drunk, just socialising.

Smoking: Sometimes, but, again, just socially.

Exercise: Too busy to fit it in.

"My diet is very, very bad - mostly because I'm running around from place to place. I worry about my health and every week I decide to do something about it, but it never works out that way."


Aged 20, 5ft 5.5in, 8st 7lb.

Diet: Eats whatever is to hand. More of a sandwich girl than a burger girl.

Drinking: Drinks a lot but doesn't worry as she can always remember the night before. Recently drank half a bottle of Bucks Fizz, two glasses of wine and five gin and tonics and still wasn't drunk. "I can go without for ages."

Smoking: She has cut down from 15 to about five a day, but will have about 20 in a night if she goes out.

Exercise: Swims about once a term. She used to do lots of sport at school but hasn't done anything at college.

"People aren't very fit because we have transport everywhere now. You have so many choices so you go out with your friends rather than go to the gym."

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