Oxford suspends protest student

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A STUDENT who refused to pay the pounds 1,000-a-year fee on principle has been suspended, Oxford University administrators confirmed yesterday.

Yesterday two colleges issued statements about protests against the fees ahead of a demonstration by 2,000 students from around the country planned for today.

St Hilda's College confirmed that it had effectively suspended Laura Paskell-Brown, a first year philosophy, politics and economics student. A spokesman for the university said the college had written to Ms Paskell- Brown, informing her that they were minded to suspend her until the fee was paid. She has lodged an appeal.

The spokesman said: "The governing body of St Hilda's College considers that a student cannot satisfactorily pursue her academic studies while she is suspended from the use of normal university facilities."

Somerville College, where four students are still refusing to pay the fee, which was due at the end of last term, was yesterday holding back from such an ultimatum but in a joint statement with St Hilda's it made clear that it would take action if the students did not give up their protest.