Oyston admits 'stupid' affairs

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Owen Oyston, the multi-millionaire accused of raping two teenage girls, yesterday admitted having a series of secret affairs with young models.

He told the jury at Liverpool Crown Court: "I owned Miss World at the time. If I wanted young beautiful women they weren't hard to find."

The 62-year-old tycoon told the ninth day of his trial that he had remarried his wife Vicky in 1988, six years after they were divorced. Helen Grindrod, QC, prosecuting, questioned him about six girls, all models, whom he knew between 1989 and 1993. He admitted having a sexual relationship with four of them. "It wasn't excessive. It was no more than an average person. I realise now I have been pretty stupid. I didn't ever have to take advantage of any women. It wasn't necessary," said Mr Oyston, the chairman of Blackpool Football Club.

Mrs Grindrod said: "You were so used to having your own way you didn't bother to ask whether they consented or not?" Mr Oyston replied: "I have always had a great respect for women. I have employed thousands of them. I have always promoted them within my own organisation. My character is totally without blemish."

Mr Oyston, of Claughton Hall, near Lancaster, is alleged to have raped the first girl when she was 18 on his four-poster bed in his mansion. The second girl, 16 at the time, claims she was forced to have oral sex in the back seat of a car and then watched Mr Oyston have sex with another girl before joining them on the bed, where she was allegedly raped. Mr Oyston denies two rapes and a charge of indecent assault.

Mr Oyston claimed he had a long-standing affair with the first girl. He said he had spent thousands of pounds on her over the years and that she regularly stayed with him at the Hilton Hotel in London's Mayfair.

Earlier Mr Oyston, a life-long Labour supporter, repeated his claim that he was the victim of a long-running conspiracy by two former government ministers, Lord Blaker and South Ribble MP Robert Atkins.

The case continues.