Parents threaten to pull pupils out if bully stays

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Parents last night threatened to withdraw their children from a church primary school unless an eight-year-old accused of bullying his classmates is removed.

The parents' warning came amid claims that Kyle Bent had assaulted pupils, left a nine-year-old boy with a nervous breakdown and forced a teacher to take time off with stress.

One father has already carried out his threat after allegations that Kyle subjected children at Seely Church School, Arnold, Nottingham, to constant bullying.

Kyle suffers from "Attention Deficiency Disorder", for which he receives regular medication and special teaching at the school. But the parents of 26 other children have threatened to withdraw them unless he is removed.

The school's head teacher, Frank Harris, confirmed: "There are about 10 or 11 families who have threatened to take their children to other schools."

He added: "I would be sorry to see children move. But if the parents felt that was the right thing for them to do, then we would bear them no malice. We would be very, very sad to see them go."