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Football racism

Tony Banks, Sports Minister, told Richard Spring (Con, W Suffolk) that it has been recommended that the Football Offences Act 1991 be amended to make racist abuse by spectators an offence, and to ensure schoolchildren have regular access to playing fields.

Child protection

THERE were 32,400 children and young people on child protection registers in England on 31 March 1997, Health Minister Paul Boateng told Tom Cox (Lab, Tooting).

Case reviews

The Criminal Cases Review Commission has received 463 cases to reassess up to the end of May 1998, Home Office Minister Alun Michael told Dale Campbell-Savours (Lab, Workington).

Gun surrender

By the end of September 1997, 116,664 large-calibre handguns had been surrendered. Also, 26,371 small calibre pistols were surrendered voluntarily, Mr Michael told Mr Cox.

Prison numbers

The projected prison population for 2005 is 82,800. There are currently 65,000 prisoners, Prisons Minister Joyce Quin told Paul Flynn (Lab, Newport West).