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Peer pressure
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Peer pressure

NON-SMOKERS IN the House of Lords are being "terrorised" by some smoking peers who insist on their right to smoke in the bars and between courses during meals in the restaurants, Lord Peston complained during question time.

Bombs curbed

BRITAIN NOW has the least number of nuclear weapons of all five main nuclear powers, the Secretary of State for Defence, George Robertson said, stressing this showed a commitment to non-proliferation.

Tebbit's unease

LORD TEBBIT, the former Tory cabinet minister who as a member of Baroness Thatcher's government introduced union reforms, said the Employment Relations Bill, which introduces compulsory trade union legislation, was a "great step towards destroying" what had been achieved during the Eighties.

Today's Agenda

Commons 2.30pm

Environment, Transport and the Regions questions.

Tory-led debates on "Labour's pensions failure" and the implications of devolution.

Lords 2.30pm

House of Lords Bill, committee.