Parliament The House In Brief: Result of ballot for private member's bills

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Top six slots: Warm Homes Bill to conserve heat (David Amess, Con): curbs on euthanasia (Ann Winterton, Con); assessment of carers' needs and payments to disabled children (Tom Pendry, Lab); tougher laws to stop the sale of alcohol by shop assistants to young people (Paul Truswell, Lab); allowing patients' complaints against GPs to continue after the doctors retire (Geoffrey Johnson Smith, Con); and curbs on government powers (Iain Duncan Smith, Con).

The other bills cover the: urban regeneration (Anthony Steen, Con); banning hunting with dogs (Ken Livingstone, Lab); export of farm animals (Gwyn Prosser, Lab); food labelling (Stephen O'Brien, Con); lifting the bar to women in gentlemen's clubs (Robert Walter, Con); building societies (Tony McWalter, Lab); welfare of broiler chickens (Ann Clwyd, Lab); newspaper and magazine recycling (Doug Naysmith, Lab); health and safety at work (Malcolm Savidge, Lab); organic food and farming targets (Paul Tyler, Lib Dem); fire prevention and safety (Peter Pike, Lab); changes to rules on the hours worked by the drivers of heavy goods vehicles and VAT exemption for community buses (Eleanor Laing, Con); property transactions (Bowen Wells, Con); care, disposal and slaughter of animals (Claire Curtis-Thomas, Lab).