Party Conferences: Wigley: We will hold balance

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WELSH NATIONALISTS could stop Labour having overall control of the Welsh Assembly, Plaid Cymru said yesterday.

The party president, Dafydd Wigley, said growing support for the party in opinion polls and the increasing unpopularity of the Labour government made 30 per cent of the vote an attainable target in the historic elections next May.

At the opening of Plaid Cymru's annual conference in Cardiff, Mr Wigley said: "For the first time we are in a position to take on the responsibility of power. After more than 70 years of campaigning as a party, we are now ready to play a part in the government of our country."

Polls give Plaid Cymru 24 per cent support among Welsh voters, more than double the level at the general election.

Mr Wigley predicted that even more disillusioned Labour voters would switch their support because of the Government's lack of action over the problems of manufacturing industry and agriculture, key sectors in Wales.