Payouts By The Forces

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Private Iain Roy was paralysed from the neck down in an accident on an assault course at the Guards Depot at Pirbright. He was awarded a record pounds 1,737,500 in an out-of-court settlement after falling from a rope crossing on to a concrete floor.

Private Roy, 26, was left a tetraplegic and has to have 24-hour nursing care since the accident four years ago. He had signed up for 22 years.


Josephine Green, a former Royal Navy nurse, received one of the highest payouts for a woman dismissed for becoming pregnant.

Miss Green was a superintendent nurse, a rank equivalent to lieutenant- commander, in Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service, when she was discharged in June 1984 11 years before her 16-year commission was due to end. She was thought to have been awarded pounds 400,000.

She had become pregnant towards the end of an affair with a Royal Marines chaplain.

Miss Green, who now lives in Australia, joined the Navy in 1975 on a short-term commission, which she extended four years later.