PC jailed for supplying ecstasy

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PC jailed for supplying ecstasy

A policeman who supplied ecstasy tablets to a couple living opposite him was jailed for two years yesterday. Police Constable Steven Hunt, 32, of Maple Close, Hardwicke, Gloucestershire obtained three of the tablets for his friends Simon Marcer and Leah Mellor.

But police were watching his home when Mr Marcer left the house with one of the tablets wrapped in a piece of breakfast cereal packet, Gloucester Crown Court heard. Hunt, who has served with Gloucestershire police for nine years, was in tears in the dock as he admitted two charges of supplying the drug to the couple.

Robert Duvall, for Hunt, said the circumstances of Hunt's offences were "most exceptional." He handed the court a psychiatric report which said Hunt was clinically depressed and abnormally tense. "He is ill," said Mr Duvall, who asked the court to look at the way Hunt was trembling and sobbing in the dock. Mr Duvall said that Hunt would suffer tremendously in jail from the other inmates whom he had helped to put there in his work as a policeman.