PE teacher takes case for equal pay to tribunal

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A WOMAN teacher will take a case for equal pay to an industrial tribunal on Monday.

Eileen Halloran, 50, a former teacher at the City of London Girls' School, alleges that she was paid less than comparable teachers at the City of London School which educates boys. Ms Halloran, a PE teacher who was employed at the school until December 1995, is a retired member of the 150,000- strong Association of Teachers and Lecturers which is backing her caseagainst the Corporation of London. Yesterday the education authority said it had nothing to add to a statement put out when the case arose in 1995. That said: " ... the fees charged by girls' schools are less than those [of] boys' schools and [so] salaries tend to be lower at girls' schools". It accepted that salaries at the girls' school should be made more competitive, but maintained that the position at the two schools was not comparable.