People: Edwina Currie announces end of marriage

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Edwina Currie, the flamboyant politician-turned-novelist, has at last proved the gossips right by announcing the end of her marriage to businessman husband Ray after 25 years. The former Tory MP, aged 50, told journalists yesterday that, after months of discussion, she and the father of her two children would be going their separate ways.

"It is a very sad day," she said in a statement issued by her solicitors, but insisted that there were no other parties involved and that the split was amicable. She also confirmed that daughters Debbie, 22, and Susie, 20, had been kept fully up to date, saying: "We have talked it through during the summer, so they know all about this."

The break-up comes after years of speculation by commentators. She was a high-profile, attention-seeking extrovert who thrived on the constant media attention. He was a quiet accountant, keen to avoid the limelight. Forever in her shadow, he was often portrayed as the standard bearer for downtrodden husbands.Mr Currie, aged 52, refused to respond to the taunts but it was clear that they bothered him. Earlier this year he said: "Accountancy is not a public profession, whereas politicians need to be noticed and writers have to sell books. I have plenty of confidence and self-esteem and don't regard myself as boring. I'm just quieter and less photogenic."