People: Hopkins's Hannibal voted baddest baddie ever

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Hannibal Lecter is the most evil movie character ever, according to a top 100 of film bad guys.

The cannibal with a taste for Chianti, memorably portrayed by Anthony Hopkins in Silence Of The Lambs, is top baddie in the list prepared by Total Film magazine. It follows last month's selection of Harrison Ford as the top film actor of all time in an Empire magazine poll.

Behind Dr Lecter in Total Film magazine is Henry, played by Michael Rooker in Portrait Of A Serial Killer, John Doe as portrayed by Kevin Spacey in Seven, Joe Pesci's Tommy DeVito in Goodfellas and Frank Booth from Blue Velvet, one of a long line of Dennis Hopper baddies.

Blue Velvet is the only pre-1990 film in the top five, supporting the theory that film baddies get worse.

There are only seven evil women in the top 100, topped at number 15 by the Kathy Bates character from Misery, the role that won her an Oscar.

Vinnie Jones, the Wimbledon footballer with a mean reputation, told Total Film his favourite Disney film was Jungle Book, mainly because of his Baloo the bear: "He was the best dresser in the whole jungle, and he was a good bloke who always looked after his mates."