People: Versace leaves pounds 37m to his 11-year-old `princess' in an Italian family drama

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Gianni Versace, the fashion designer shot dead in Miami in July, has left pounds 37m to his 11-year-old niece, Allegra. The inheritance represents a 45 per cent share of the business Versace began in 1978.

Allegra Beck (pictured above, left, with Versace and her brother Daniel) is the daughter of Versace's younger sister Donatella, 40, and Paul Beck, a former model who manages the advertising side of the company. Donatella will take over creative control of Versace SpA, while her brother Santo, 53, will maintain the position of chief executive.

Allegra's shares will be managed by her parents and Santo Versace. Daniel, 8, will inherit Versace's famous art collection which includes works by Picasso and Leger. It is also thought to be worth pounds 37m.

The peculiar thing about this Italian family drama, is that Santo's two children have received nothing in the will. Versace loved his nieces and nephews more than anyone else in his life. He called Allegra "my princess", and said of them as a group "I want to see my nieces and nephews grow up - I want to see their children". He also told the New Yorker, " I get crazy at the idea that a time will come when I won't see Daniel and Allegra anymore."

News of the will, which was signed by Versace on 16 September 1996, leaked late Tuesday night. It replaced a previous will drawn up in May 1990. In it, both Donatella, who has 20 per cent, and Santo, who has 35 per cent, retained their shares in the business. It is thought that Santo's children have not benefited due to the larger share their father holds in the business. Versace's long-term lover, Antonio D'Amico was also named in the will.