AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd denies breaching home detention by drinking alcohol

Rudd was remanded on bail until November

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The AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd has denied violating the terms of his home detention by drinking alcohol.

Rudd was sentenced to eight months house detention for being in possession of methamphetamine and marijuana and for making threats to kill a former member of his security services.

Rudd, who walked into the courtroom wearing an AC/DC leather jacket a month after he was told by the judge sentencing him that his band would go on without him, is expected to stay sober as part of his home edition conditions. The 61-year-old is being electronically monitored as part of his sentence and is required to comply with drug and alcohol testing when asked.

He was remanded on bail until November when a hearing will take place to determine whether he did breach his bail conditions, according to the Associated Press. When asked by reporters if he was feeling anxious about the hearing as he left the courtroom, he replied: "No, the only thing I'm nervous about is I don't, I don't actually don't know what's going on."

He told another reporter he would be spending his time on bail working on “self-improvement”.