Adam Deacon: Kidulthood actor found guilty of harassing director Noel Clarke

The actor sent a 'barrage of abuse' to his former mentor

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The Kidulthood actor Adam Deacon has been found guilty of posting a “barrage” of abusive messages about Noel Clarke, the film’s director, on social media.

Deacon, of Bethnal Green, east London, was accused by Clarke of posting hundreds of messages, including a “death threat” via social media between March and December 2014 after the pair had a disagreement over Deacon’s 2011 film Anuvahood.

The 32-year-old called Clarke a “bully” and claimed he had sabotaged his career in the messages on Instagram and Twitter, according to the Press Association

Clarke said the messages continued even after he reported them to the police, with Deacon calling him a “snitch”.

He said he was so worried by some of the messages that he contacted his children’s school with his concerns, who changed security codes to the building.

Deacon denied harassing Clarke and claimed Clarke seemed to “have it in for him” by bullying and belittling him on set. He admitted to posting some of the messages but said these were not aimed at Clarke and did not mention him. 

He told Hammersmith Magistrates' Court in London he was only paid around £1,500 for his role in Kidulthood, despite being told by Mr Clarke that he would "make a lot more".

District Judge Shenagh Bayne told Deacon: "I am satisfied that all of the messages that you sent out were sent out in the context of an ongoing grievance that you have got with Noel Clarke. And that clearly is a long-standing grievance - it goes back many, many years.

"You were aware of the effect that your behaviour would have.

"You clearly were trying to elicit a response from Mr Clarke otherwise why post #wallofsilence, #industry and #standuptobullies.

"I am satisfied so that I am sure that you intended to cause him harassment and distress because of your grievance that goes back a long time."

However, Judge Bayne said she would be considering “a sentence within the community”, adding: “I certainly wouldn't be considering anything greater than that.”

Deacon has been released on bail and will return to Hammersmith Magistrates' Court for sentencing on 20 August.