Adult film stars Allie Haze, James Deen and more offer romantic relationship advice

The performers offered some interesting responses on the subject of love

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“Because adult entertainers navigate a more complex sexual and emotional landscape,” Buzzfeed thought they could offer a unique perspective on relationships.

So they sat Milcah Halili, James Deen, Paris Kennedy, Danny Wylde and Allie Haze in front of a camera, and asked them some important questions many of us have about keeping our partners happy.


These include 'What makes people compatible?', 'What's the key to a healthy relationship?', and 'How do you rejuvenate a relationship?'.

As expected, there were a few predictable responses, such as “maintenance”, “sexy lingerie” and “watch porn together”.

But there were also some perhaps surprisingly romantic comments, too.


“Being able to listen to each other,” 32-year-old Paris Kennedy, or 'Your Dad's Worst Nightmare' according to her Twitter bio, offers on compatibility.

“The willingness to adapt to each other,” Haze, 27, adds.

Porn star Allie Haze said relationships were "all about bringing people up!"


Danny Wylde, 29, who has appeared in more than 130 adult films, said that paying attention to each other was key.

Meanwhile James Deen, 28, who has been in the porn industry since he was just 18, said partners who “balance each other out” were more likely to last the distance.

Adult film star James Deen once claimed he'd wanted to be a porn star since kindergarten

“You definitely need to be confident in yourself before you drag other people along with you because you never want to drag anybody down,” Haze adds. “It's all about bringing people up!”

Watch it above.