Alan Sugar really doesn’t like Nigel Farage: 'He looks like a bit of a thug boyo'

In fact, the British businessman doesn’t have much faith in Ed Miliband or Nick Clegg either

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Lord Alan Sugar is not a fan of Nigel Farage.

The Ukip leader may be growing increasingly popular and his party progressively more powerful, last week securing its first seat with Douglas Carswell, yet Sugar has little respect for Farage.

“I think they have got a problem with the leader,” said Sugar. “He looks like a bit of a thug boyo with his pint of beer in his hand, he does adverts for golf clubs now [a reference to his Ryder Cup promotion for bookmaker Paddy Power] and all that stuff. Is he a leader? Really?”

However, he’s not against all Ukip policies, commenting that: “There are some of the things that they stand for which you find it hard to disagree with.”

Immigration appears to be a subject that he perhaps relates to the party on. The businessman stresses the need to “protect the homeland and not let people in to abuse our benefits system. Maybe close the borders a little bit and come up with some innovative ways to protect our country from the people that can come here and get work or allegedly get work – get benefits more to the point – that’s where I would concentrate.”

Although, he says, David Cameron “made a good speech and the polls have swung a little bit on the basis of that”, Sugar wasn’t praising of either the Labour or Liberal Democrats leaders.

Of Nick Clegg, he said “I don’t know what the hell’s happening with him”, while Ed Miliband has “his problems also”.

“Unfortunately he’s not liked by a lot of people, he doesn’t come across as someone you would want to embrace,” Sugar told the Guardian.

The business mogul will star in the new series of The Apprentice, starting tomorrow.