Alan Titchmarsh uses gardening term 'b*stard trenching' on BBC Breakfast, viewers chastise BBC for apologising for swearword

Viewers are outraged the presenter and gardener was forced to apologise

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The BBC has apologised for the use of a gardening term mentioned by guest Alan Titchmarsh on the BBC Breakfast show, after the presenter said the words “b*stard trenching”.

Titchmarsh used the term on the show on Tuesday morning, which is another way to describe “double digging,” which means digging into soil to the depth of two spades.

One viewer caught the incident in a vine, where Titchmarsh is heard saying: “There’s another name for it which sounds awful, it’s called b*stard trenching.”

BBC Breakfast presenter Louis Minchin apologised for the use of the word “b*stard,” but viewers have been more outraged over the apology than Titchmarsh’s language.

People on Twitter called the move “ridiculous” and “incredible”, while one person told the BBC “poor show” over the apology.