Alastair Campbell trolls 'pathetic little man' George Galloway on Twitter

The spat followed Galloway's seeming involvement in the publication of footage that appeared to show Campbell in a street altercation

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It’s the imminent social media fall-out almost everyone saw coming.

George Galloway is currently working on a less than flattering documentary about Alastair Campbell’s former employer, titled “The Killing Of Tony Blair”.

And the former director of communications is a Gospel Oak resident scorned, after the UK Respect party leader appeared to orchestrate the publication of CCTV footage that he claims showed Campbell in an altercation with a 61-year-old resident in a Hampstead side street.

What no-one could predict is quite the manner in which it took place.

Seemingly turning the other cheek on spin for a modern trolling, Campbell tweeted the following:

He interspersed his cutting remarks by retweeting anti-Galloway comments from his followers.

Galloway has since responded with the below:

His remarks come after Campbell posted a dedicated blog post about the Hampstead altercation, in which he publishes his full account of the incident.

“Though I am used to robust debate, this is the first time I have been attacked in a public place and the first time I have been spat at,” he wrote.

“We have lived in Gospel Oak, happily and as active members of the local community, for decades and it has always felt safe and friendly.”

The man, who remains anonymous, claims Campbell had hit him in the left shoulder, which Campbell denies.

Campbell added that “nothing surprises” him about Galloway's involvement, and he decried the Ham&High's decision to allow the 61-year-old man to remain unidentified.

“I am now going out and about my NW3 business,” he concludes. “Will be running on the Heath later.”