Alec Baldwin tells Reddit AMA he gets his daily granola flown over 2,000 miles because he's Alec Baldwin

The 30 Rock actor broke his retirement from public life to talk cereal, fabulous hair and something to do with politics

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Despite announcing his retirement from public life after a string of media run-ins, but Alec Baldwin made a stunning comeback this week to tell Reddit what kind of cereal he prefers during an Ask Me Anything session.

Baldwin originally left the limelight last February after calling a male journalist a "toxic little queen" and published an open letter under the title "I Give Up"

He has since started a podcast called Here's The Thing and did an AMA to promote it during which Reddit users submitted questions. In due course, he publicised his radio programme and also revealed that he has his cereal flown around 2,150 miles from Utah to New York City.

"I had my special granola that I had shipped in from the ski lodge in Park City, Utah," Baldwin wrote when asked what he had for breakfast.

"It's one of my only indulgences. I don't live in a penthouse, I don't drive a Range Rover, but I have my granola flown in from the Stein Eriksen Lodge in Park City, Utah."


He also told Redditors the secret behind his magnificent hair. But it's not good news if you're hoping to copy him.

"That's really something that is from the gods, you know," he said. "It's not something I'm responsible for.

"It's like the Grand Canyon, or Kilimanjaro, or... you know... the beaches of Florida. You either have fantastic hair, or you don't. It's a gift."

Baldwin also said he'd put Republican politician Mitch McConnell in the "dunk tank" over the controversial Keystone oil pipeline system. It's proposed to run through Canada and the USA and is believed by some to be hazardous to the environment.

"If I could put anyone in a dunk tank... probably Mitch McConnell. I'm really feeling like Mitch needs to go in the dunk tank right now. For a good six months to a year," Baldwin said.

"It would be to fight the Keystone pipeline, where else?!?" he added. "I want everyone to experience the joy of flinging Mitch McConnell into the dunk tank. That isn't something to be reserved for the wealthy."