Alex Salmond and the Scottish cabinet selfie. Yes, like Ellen’s Oscars selfie. Yes, it exists


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When popular culture and politics collide, the result is, more often than not, a car crash.

Which is probably why we can't stop rubber-necking at this baffling latest effort from Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond.

Taking his cue from Ellen Degeneres' almighty Oscars selfie, which crammed in as many film stars as possible (apart from Liza Minnelli, whose bid for involvement was thwarted by her own height) thanks to the superhuman length of Bradley Cooper's arms, Salmond roped in a few members of the Scottish Cabinet, North Ayrshire Council Cabinet and Youth Council Cabinet to snap this little beauty.

The stunt comes just a day after economists attacked Salmond's "skewed" claims about North Sea Oil.


An impartial report showed that if Scotland became independent, it would have a deficit almost £1,000 per person larger than the UK's.

In slightly less dull news, another famous face has joined the great Scottish Independence debate. Kermit the Frog.

Find out what side he took here.