Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers deliver stinging critique of Sports Illustrated writer's sexist tweet

Andy Benoit has subsequently deleted the tweet and apologised

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US comedians Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers have performed a skit taking apart the sexist coverage of women’s sport on television.

On Late Night with Seth Meyers’ regular segment ‘Really!?!’ the two comedians took Sports Illustrated writer Andy Benoit to task after he tweeted: “women’s sports in general not worth watching.”

The inflammatory tweet, sent in response to a vine of England’s goal against Norway during the Women’s World Cup, immediately prompted an outraged response.

And here some people (ahem, @Andy_Benoit) argue that women's soccer isn't worth watching.

— Mark Mravic (@MarkMravic) June 22, 2015

I laughed :)..invite any time to step on the ice @andy_benoit. Hopefully your game is better than ur ignorance :)!!

— Hayley Wickenheiser (@wick_22) June 25, 2015

@Andy_Benoit remember that time you forgot how the internet worked? Thank god for @smrtgrls and @sethmeyers

— Siobhan (@SiobhanMSays) June 25, 2015

Co-sign RT @emmaspan: @Andy_Benoit I don't want to pile on, but it's pretty disheartening to see this from a colleague.

— Jay Jaffe (@jay_jaffe) June 23, 2015

Cool opinion, @Andy_Benoit. You know us women can read the words you're typing, right?

— AliFenwick (@AliFenwick) June 23, 2015

Poehler continued: “I guess I’m not surprised that you work for Sports Illustrated”.

“You guys put out a Swimsuit Issue every year dedicated entirely to women who aren’t in sports. Unless you think it’s a sport to cover both boobs with one arm.”

Meyers then weighed in on Benoit: “You can’t get it up for a group of women who are representing the US against the world, yet I bet you’re the same guy who sits inside on a nice day and watches the NFL draft.

“The NFL draft?! A full day to find out if your favourite college player is going to have to go mansion shopping in Jacksonville or Tampa Bay, I mean really?”

At the end of the segment Poehler adds: “And another thing: no more tweeting Benoit. You’re too dumb.”

And, so it would seem, Benoit agrees with her assessment. He has now deleted the tweets and posted the following two tweets, apologising for his earlier comments.

My sincere apologies for last night’s senseless tweets. I got carried away responding to playful ribbing ….

— Andy Benoit (@Andy_Benoit) June 23, 2015

…. and, in my stupidity, overcompensated by saying something ignorant and extreme. 100% mistake on my part, for which I'm deeply sorry.

— Andy Benoit (@Andy_Benoit) June 23, 2015