Amy Schumer and JK Simmons recreate iconic American Gothic painting

The comedian embraced the comparison between her and a woman in it

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Trolling Amy Schumer only seems to give her more inspiration.

The Trainwreck star embraced the uncanny resemblance spotted by one Twitter user between her and the woman in Grant Wood’s iconic American Gothic painting.

Wood’s 1930 creation, which shows a stern-looking farmer holding a pitchfork as he stands next to a younger woman, has been parodied numerous times over the years.

But while Vicky Rogers' suggestion that she may have discovered a genealogy line for the comedian would not have been well received by some, Schumer jumped at the chance to imitate it three hours later. Schumer also just happened to have been in the company of the Whiplash actor JK Simmons, who grabbed a fork and helped her recreate the image perfectly.

Even the Art Institute of Chicago, which houses Wood's painting, was so impressed it replied to Schumer’s recreation by inviting her to visit the gallery, telling her: "You are awesome. And the fork is a very nice touch."