Amy Schumer debunks the whole Disney princess myth in one sketch

Life for 'Princess Amy' just got tough

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Amy Schumer has parodied yet another suffocating gender construct in a skit targeting the concept of Disney princesses.

The comedian demonstrated exactly what being a princess (at least once upon a time) involved in the sketch from her popular series, Inside Amy Schumer, where she is whipped away from her lowly farm and taken to live in a grand castle, Cinderella-style.

“It’s time you knew the truth,” she is told. “You’re not a disgusting, filthy commoner at all. You’re a princess!”

But Schumer quickly finds out that being a princess comes with a few unenviable caveats, such as having to marry her first cousin to maintain the purity of the bloodline at the age of 14.

She also learns that her menstruation cycle is tracked, incubating a prince is "literally her only role", and only managing to produce female offspring comes with a death sentence.

Schumer is known for tackling gender stereotypes in her comedy, most recently addressing ageism in the film industry head on with her  “last f**kable day” sketch.

And when she accepted the Trailblazer Award at Glamour UK’s Women of the Year Awards earlier in June, Schumer made a point of informing the crowd: "I'm probably like 160lbs right now and I can catch a d**k any time I want."