Amy Winehouse statue to be erected in Camden

The sculpture has been designed by Scott Eaton

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Amy Winehouse will be celebrated with a new sculpture erected at Camden market on 14 September, on would have been the 27-year-old’s 31st birthday.

The life-size statue has been designed by Scott Eaton and will be situated in the centre of Camden Stables, not far from the townhouse where the singer died in July 2011.

Winehouse’s mother, Janis, brother, Alex, and a few close friends have also been involved in the design, which will feature her signature beehive hairstyle.

The musician was a long-term resident of the borough and was regularly seen out and about at the market and various pubs.

“I had a meeting with Camden council and they told me they don't usually allow statues until 20 years after someone has died, but in Amy's case they made an exception,” said Winehouse’s father, Mitch.

“It's a great honour to have the statue in the Stables. Amy was an integral part of Camden and still is, so you couldn't really think of putting a statue for her anywhere else, could you really?”

The sculpture was originally set to stand at Camden Roundhouse, by it was eventually decided that it should be positioned at the stables instead for greater accessibility.

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“We want to try and get people away from Camden Square where Amy's house was because although it was a lovely house and she loved it there, it's got bad memories for everyone including her fans,” continued Winehouse.

“By taking the focal point back into the stables it will create a better atmosphere and people will be able to remember Amy how she was. It's going to be a magnificent sculpture and we want it to be something positive to remember her by.”

Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning, following a period of abstinence.