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Births: St Augustine of Hippo, 354; Edward III, King, 1312; Philip of Hesse, Landgrave of Hesse, 1504; Maurice of Nassau, Prince of Orange, military leader, 1567; General Sir John Moore, 1761; Esaias Tegner, bishop, scholar and poet, 1782; Edward John Trelawny, writer and traveller, 1792; Charles Frederick Worth, couturier, 1825; James Clerk Maxwell, physicist, 1831; Edwin Thomas Booth, actor, 1833; Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson, writer and traveller, 1850; John Drew, actor, 1853; George Whitefield Chadwick, composer, 1854; Eugene Ionesco, writer and playwright, 1912.

Deaths: Pope St Nicholas the Great, 867; Malcolm III, King of the Scots, killed 1093; Prince Henry the Navigator, 1460; Lodovico Carracci, painter, 1619; Thomas Erpenius (van Erpe), orientalist, 1624; Thomas May, poet, 1650; George Sale, orientalist and translator of the Koran, 1736; William Etty, painter, 1849; Sir John Forbes, physician and writer, 1861; Arthur Hugh Clough, poet, 1861; Johann Ludwig Uhland, poet, 1862; Giovanni Buonaventura Genelli, painter, 1868; Gioacchino Antonio Rossini, composer, 1868; Arnaud- Michel d'Abbadie, explorer, 1893; Ernest Giles, explorer, 1897; Camille Pissarro, painter, 1903; Francis Thompson, poet, 1907; Enrico Cecchetti, dancer, 1928; Roark Whitney Wickliffe Bradford, novelist, 1948; Nikolai Karlovich Medtner, composer, 1951; Jacques Fath, couturier, 1954; Elsa Schiaparelli, couturiere, 1973; Robert Cedric Sherriff, playwright and novelist, 1975; Chesney Allen, comedian, 1982.

On this day: Malcolm was slain and the Scots defeated by the English at Alnwick, 1093; the Jacobites were defeated at Sheriffmuir and Preston, 1715; Texas declared its independence of Mexico, 1835; the telegraphic service between London and Paris started, 1851; serious casualties occurred among socialist and Irish agitators on Bloody Sunday in Trafalgar Square, 1887; the fourth phase of the Battle of the Somme began, 1916; a Pacific treaty was signed between the US, the British Empire, France and Japan, 1921; the inner coffin of Tutankhamen was opened at Luxor, 1925; a cyclone and tidal waves caused the death of over 500,000 people in East Pakistan, 1970; Iceland agreed a plan to end the "Cod War" with Britain, 1973; a state of emergency was proclaimed in Britain, following an overtime ban by electricity and coal workers, 1973.

Today is the Feast Day of St Abbo of Fleury, St Arcadius, St Brice or Britius, St Didacus or Diego of Seville, St Eugenius of Toledo, St Frances Xavia Cabrini, St Homobonus, St Maxellendis, St Nicholas I, pope and St Stanislaus Kostka.