Anniversaries: 12th December 1995

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Births: Edvard Munch, painter, 1863; Edward G. Robinson (Emanuel Goldenburg), actor, 1893; John James Osborne, playwright and actor, 1929. Deaths: Robert Browning, poet, 1889; Douglas Fairbanks Snr (Douglas Elton Ulman), actor, 1939; Tallulah Brockman Bankhead, actress, 1968. On this day: the first transatlantic radio signal was transmitted by Marconi, 1901; the first motel opened, in California, United States, 1925; in Britain, conscription was introduced for men aged between 18 and 26, 1948. Today is the Feast Day of St Corentin or Cury, St Edburga of Minster, Saints Epimachus and Alexander, St Finnian of Clonard, St Jane Frances de Chantel and St Vicelin.