Anniversaries: 12th March 1996

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Births: Andre de Lenotre, landscape architect, 1613; Thomas Augustine Arne, composer of Rule, Britannia, 1710; Kemal Ataturk (Mustapha Kemal), soldier and statesman, 1881; Vaslav Fomich Nijinsky, dancer, 1890; Jack (Jean-Louis) Kerouac, novelist, 1922. Deaths: Cesare Borgia, cardinal, soldier and politician, killed, 1507; Frans van Mieris the Elder, painter, 1681; George Westinghouse, inventor, 1914; Anne Frank, diarist, at Bergen- Belsen 1945. On this day: the Bermudas became an English colony, 1609; the United States Post Office was established, 1789; the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London, (third theatre) opened, 1794; the first main line electric train in Britain ran from Liverpool to Southport, 1904; the Girl Guides (later Scouts) movement was started in the United States by Juliette Gordon Low, 1912. Today is the Feast Day of St Alphege of Winchester, St Bernard of Capua, St Maximilian of Theveste, St Paul Aurelian or of Leon, Saints Peter, Gorgonius and Dorotheus, St Seraphina or Fina and St Theophanes the Chronicler.