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Births: St Matthias I Corvinus (Matyas Hunyadi), King of Hungary, 1443; Charles V (Charles I of Spain), Holy Roman Emperor, 1500; Don John of Austria, soldier, 1547; Charles Le Brun, historical painter, 1619; James Quin, actor, 1693; Samuel Wesley, organist and composer, 1766; Johann Baptist Cramer, pianist, conductor and composer, 1771; Wilhelm Karl Grimm, philologist and folklorist, 1786; Johann Christian Clausen Dahl, landscape painter, 1788; Winslow Homer, painter and illustrator, 1836; Arrigo (Enrico Giuseppe Giovanni) Boito, poet and composer, 1842; Grant Allen (James Grant Blairfindie Allen), writer and man of letters, 1848; George Augustus Moore, novelist, 1852; Eugene Arnold Dolmetsch, early music enthusiast, 1858; Sir Cyril Arthur Pearson, newspaper proprietor, 1866; Chester William Nimitz, admiral, 1885.

Deaths: Francis, Duc de Guise, military commander, assassinated 1563; Marc-Antoine Charpentier, composer, 1704; Sir Edmund Andros, Governor of Virginia, 1714; Sir James Radcliffe Bt, third Earl of Derwentwater, statesman, 1716; Henry Cavendish, physicist, 1810; Robert Fulton, steamboat pioneer, 1815; Thomas Coutts, banker, 1822; Thomas Bowdler, editor and censor, 1825; Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky, mathematician, 1856; Edmund John Armstrong, poet, 1865; Sir Edward Marshall Hall, lawyer, 1927; Ahmed Pasha, Egyptian prime minister, assassinated 1945; Pierre-Marie-Felix Janet, psychologist and neurologist, 1947; Grant Franklin Thomas Richards, publisher, 1948; Bobby Moore, footballer, 1993.

On this day: Francis I of France was defeated at the Battle of Pavia, 1525; Pope Gregory XIII issued a Bull announcing the Gregorian Calendar, 1582; the Battle of the Alamo began, 1836; Louis-Philippe, King of France, abdicated, 1848; the Flying Scotsman went into service, 1923; the Arnold Dolmetsch Foundation was set up, 1928; a world land-speed record of 253.96mph was set up by Sir Malcolm Campbell, 1932; the first commercial nylon product - toothbrush bristles - was produced in the US, 1938; Juan Domingo Peron was elected president of Argentina, 1946; the government of Dr Kwame Nkrumah in Ghana was overthrown by a military coup, 1966; a group of Army officers seized power in Sierra Leone, 1967.

Today is the Feast Day of Saints Montanus, Lucius, and their Companions and St Praetextatus or Prix.